Julia Rogers

My work is taking me to distant lands, traversing, transistioning and moving from one state to another.

Life,  death, otherness, the mythological and the lure of something just beyond our reach.

Large maps, golden boats, mummified birds that once flew between worlds. Trying to find my way.


300 x 200 x 150cm

Gold leaf, paper pulp. metal, soil

The Pie Factory, Margate

Mortuus rara (Dead Rare)

150 x 70cm

Paper pulp, stick

Lure for the rare

70 x70 x 20cm

paper pulp gold leaf guitar strings

I can't fold this bloody map

200 x 200 x 40cm

drawing on paper with silver leaf

The Pie Factory Margate

Take me home

15 x 4 x 4cm approx

Paper pulp collage, ink