Julia Rogers.


objects and performance

2007 - 2020


Inspiration comes in many forms

Site specific

I love the challenge of making work to fit a particular space.

You have to consider the history, the social use, significance, what inspires you to communicate a particular message. Then choosing the materials, how to install the work and how it will be accessed and viewed by audiences. It is like a giant puzzle and just the kind of thing artists love.


Making objects is a contemplative act, a quiet, silent one for ruminating. The objects I create therefore have an emotional context as it becomes a vessel for thoughts and feelings. Devotional objects are created this way, objects treated with care, like darning a well loved jumper. My relationship to making is different to that with paint. I believe it is the tactile nature and slowness of thinking. Painting is fast intinctive and immediate.


I prefer simple sculpture where the form and movement of the object are the main components. With the addition of surface colour or pattern I find it distracting acting like camouflage.


I have a brain that expands ideas like popcorn, as soon as something enters, it goes crazy like popcorn hitting the pan lid. I have a notbook full of crazy things. However what I do find is that particular ideas will surface more often and these finally get distilled into something meaningful once I have attained more knowledge or insigt into something that connects to my idea and my work. The aha, eureka moments

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