Julia Rogers.

In situ


Inspiration comes in many forms

Childrens art

I am always drawn to the immediacy and directness of childrens art. Fully engaged in another world. It is amazing to watch and see how they are totally transported. They think about their subject from a different perspective to that of a trained artist. But how do you return tosuch a state of total connectedness? The big question.

I find snippets of humour, stories, scenes played out before me and it encourages me to not overthink my work.


I am always drawing people and my sketchbook is populated with many characters. I draw immediate blind drawing. I do not lift my gaze from the subject and work fast so as not to be caught. I also teach life drawing twice a week and so make fast drawings inbetween assisting if needed. I find this repetition reinforces a visual practice and practices and hones your skill. I later tend to work from both drawings and memory.


Movement threads through everything from human movement to the movement of light around an object. I enjoy translating something into another form, such as a dance move into a drawing or sculpture. Whilst translating I may make many experiments until I finally find that particular flick of the arm and consistency of paint in order to achieve the right colour splash and skid of paint over the accidental scratch and smear I had left visible earlier.

Structure & Chaos

I love contrasts. I look for and collect things that have such qualities that appeal to my senses. Numbers with interesting pattern sequences, grids, stripes and uniformity are overlayed and butted up against chaos, rips, scribbles, scratches, incomprehensible marks that our brain tries to decypher. It is also very close to how I operate. I am very organised but dislike clean lines, symmetry and perfection. In this way my paintings reflect part of who I am.

Occasional thoughts

When I have something to say I will add it here

A resource and signpost to things I find useful

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