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Crazy times

Sunday, 23 August 2020 15:04

So it’s been a quiet time for everyone however, as an artist life is not very different. I love spending time thinking, making, dreaming up ideas. The pressure to have to not go out is joyful, stress free and relaxing. I am what you call an ambivert which literaaly translates as someone who is both extroverted and introverted. I love time alone but when in the presence of others I love the interaction, conversation and freeflow of events.

Getting ready to put a show on I have to make sure my body of work is cohesive, (hard with so many interests, subject matter, size and genre). My duaghter (an illustrator) designed my posters taking a huge task off my hands and I have spent 2 days distributing posters in various venues across the local area. I now have social media to tackle, a daily grind which I find difficult to remain on top of. Next framing, organising my selection and curating before I make labels and add prices. I squeeze these things into the spare time between teaching and household chores. 

However once all this work is done it goes relatively silent. I invigilate, speak to audiences and then at the end take unsold work home read to start the whole process again.

Its a roller coaster for sure.