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Joke - Why don't artists stare out of the window in the mornings?

Monday, 15 June 2020 10:21

Because they wouldn’t have anything to do in the afternoon!

When I first heard this as an art student I laughed because other students actuallly did think this.

However this seems to be an age old persistant thought.

So lets demiystify the notion.

A lot of what artists do is experimental like any scientist or mathematician.

We get an idea, we try it out, refine it, and most times discard it. I tend to discard into a big pile of drawings, collages, paintings.

The discarded work never goes in the bin, like a carcass it will be striped, reused, repurposed, rediscovered.

The learning gained is invaluable as our mistakes if recognised are improved and so evidence of learning has taken place.

This pile of discarded work is chaotic and so needs organising. I put work in piles ; Completed.To be painted over. Collage material

This all needs organising.

I photograph or scan complete work and put onto an inventory system I use called Artwork Archive. Here is a link to my profile on the site. https://www.artworkarchive.com/profile/julia-rogers-7c42ecf2-538f-424a-97d5-228904833e90

This makes finding all the necessary info easier.

I can make inventory sheets, reports, contact galleries with professional submissions. It takes time to get into a routine but so worth it.

Next I put my paper work into archive boxes which keeps them flat, clean and easy to find.

Then there is the onerous task of putting up onto soc media. This is the hardest part of all as it takes so much of my energy to do this as I’m not comfortable with soc media or putting my work out there. This is a confidence thing I will go into another time.