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Different states of being - Art as exorcise

Sunday, 7 June 2020 17:19

I have different states of being when I paint, collage or when I sculpt. If fact we all enter different states of being according to our activity.

Some require enormous amounts of concentration. You don’t want to lose a finger.

Others are repetative, meditative and so you can ruminate, run through scenarios and come to positive conclusions.

Others are on auto pilot and intuition is the key, I do this with paint, I allow the music, emotion or feeling to dictate the marks and the colours.

Life drawing is a feat of total concentration. Thoughts are pushed out, all thought is about what you see and moving your hand to translate this.

When I engage in creative activity it is like a mental mind gym. If I am unable to engage I find my thoughts stack up and my brain gets congested. Thoughts go in loops. Art is my exorcise