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What I learnt from having children

Sunday, 31 May 2020 13:09

Having children is the most fulfilling, tiring, full on life choice ever. 

I love my (now adult) children. They are such great people. They embody everything I hold in hig regard. 

They are compassionate, empathic, determined, courageous, honest, truthful, sensitive, loyal, humourous and individual free thinkers.

To get them here was solid team work.

For me they came first. 

Art second

To keep a stable environment I worked full-time teaching Art. My husband looked after the children. Every moment I was home was with them, entertaining them, encouraging them and teaching them.

Only when they found their own freedom to roam and be independent could I safely become more involved with my art practice.

My art never went away it was redirected into others to enable them to fulfil their dreams. I was not impatient. I waited, I filled sketch books, read, watched, taught, continued to learn.

Today I dan dig that rich seam of gold that I have been cultivating.

I have so much to do and I have the support of my family because we are a unit that is there for each other. After all I have to feel secure and safe in order to show the world my work