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Finding time

Saturday, 30 May 2020 21:16

what will tomorrow bring?

Tomorrow can never be predicted. Take our current crisis. We never saw this coming.

I can predict that I will show up at my studio.

I will shuffle and tidy, be surprised, follow a thread, create something.

I read, write and respond to email. I have an urge for green. Paint a splat, dribble some ink.

I will return to a mundane task, edit a photo to upload to my inventory, post on social media.

That green is winking at me in my periperal vision, I draw over it with another colour, ahhhh, that looks fresh.

I open up my web building program, tidy up some bits n pieces.

Housework beckons, some lunch and then back to my work, update my accounts and now that painted piece of paper is getting interesting, I glue something on it and now my mind races and I am free, lost for the next few hours making.

This is whare I have been heading to all morning. whoop whoop